As the company logo indicates (a reference to "Spodek"), we start our activities from Katowice, with which we have been associated since birth. However, we definitely reach beyond the Silesia area, both in terms of the offer of our trips and our clients - the offer is also addressed to foreign tourists.

We would like to show how much Upper Silesia, but also other parts of Poland, have to offer. We focus on tourism full of excitement and with perfectly organized programs. We are passionate about physical activity, which is why some of our trips are addressed to active people.

Referring again to our logo (the "red smile") and the company name, we naturally want our activities to bring as much satisfaction and joy as possible.

According to the offer on the website, we speak Polish, English, German, Spanish and Russian.


Please feel free to contact us!

Company's data:

Enjoy Silesia Witold Wojcik

Address: ul. Ścigały 8a/14, 40-208 Katowice

NIP (TAX ID) 9542517715  Regon: 520594050

Account numbers:

PL: 66109020080000000149309551

EURO: 28109020080000000149309944

Phone: +48 690 123 336

E-mail: info@enjoysilesia.pl