Weeks, months and years spent traveling and working in different corners of the world. Activity in the tourism, sports and event industry for over twenty years. A dozen years of cooperation as a manager with the largest tour operators in Poland and Europe. Knowledge of several foreign languages and … Silesian dialect.

I was born in Katowice and even from the most exiting journeys I returned with great joy to my home town, the capital of Silesia. Today, the aim of my travel agency is to familiarise the tourists with the culture of my region.

Full of energy and awareness of the importance of physical activity in our lives, I would like to share my passion for sport by organizing outdoor sports events for companies, educational institutions and sports organizations.

In addition, based on my great experience in managing animation in hotels, I offer help in recruiting new employees, in preparing programs and in coaching. I provide also entire outsourcing package related to the animation and sports programs in various types of the hotels.

Enjoy Silesia we give joy! 

Witold Wójcik