Customers more and more often choose the hotel in terms of the animation or sports offer. They often return to the hotel, where they have received appropriate service in this regard. This applies to both animation for children and sports and entertainment offer for adults. On the other hand, the managers of their facilities, although aware of this fact, do not always have the time or tools to properly prepare and manage such an offer. Based on our many years of experience in organizing, training and managing animations and fitness programs in hundreds of hotels, we meet these needs. Our staff is supported by young animators with training experience who have worked in countries such as Spain, Greece, Turkey or on cruise ships.

Enjoy Silesia animation!

Many people ask themselves a number of questions related to the animator. What features should an animator have? What are the necessary skills for this position? How is it that some animators act like a magnet and just attract people to them? After countless interviews, and most importantly, based on the work of our animators, we dare to say that we know the answers to these and other questions about animation. Therefore, if you do not want to count on a coincidence, we invite you to take advantage of our experience and talent in recruiting animators.​

Our training program can be aimed at both newly hired inexperienced animators and those who want to improve their qualifications. The program and scope of the training can also be selected in terms of the specificity of the facility.

Our trainings include:

  • hotel work rules, the specifics of working with children and adults as well as work organization 
  • programs of activities for children and their realization
  • dozens of games and activities for children and adults
  • animation for adults (sports, fitness, social games)
  • pool animation for children and adults
  • mini disco dances
  • club dances
  • evening animations and their realization
  • public speaking and work with a microphone
  • animation for foreign guests (English, German, Spanish, etc.)

It is our comprehensive package consisting in providing you with a staff of trained animators, developing a program and supervising its implementation. We take care of the purchase of additional materials, we propose animation programs for holidays, for special groups, etc. In emergency situations or requiring changes, we react immediately. 

In a word, we provide animation and you collect positive feedback from your guests.