The best of Green Velo

"The best of Green Velo" is a bicycle trip on a section of the "Green Velo" route. The Green Velo Eastern Bicycle Trail is the most spectacular cycling project carried out in Poland so far. This is over 2,000 km of a specially designated route that leads through five voivodeships of eastern Poland. We chose the best part for a week-long trip in terms of landscape attractiveness and numerous monuments that constitute an important part of Polish cultural heritage.

The fragment we chose was marked out between Chełm and the Wigry National Park and is approximately 670 km long, so we cover an average of approximately 110 km every day. Naturally, during the ride we will take numerous breaks and visit interesting places. However, for people who do not feel able to cover such a distance on a traditional bike, we offer electric bikes. Additionally, throughout the entire route we have the support of a "technical vehicle" that drives around the area carrying luggage and helps if necessary.

This means you have complete traveling comfort at all times, so you can focus on what is most important. You enjoy the views and delicious eastern cuisine and proudly reach new places. There are numerous monuments among them, including: the monastery complex in Supraśl, the former Jewish town of Tykocin, the cities of Chełm and Włodawa known for their multicultural heritage, the Bug River sanctuaries of various denominations in Kostomłoty, Kodeń and Jabłeczna. Captivating encounters with nature are provided by landscape parks, nature reserves, national parks: Białowieski, Narwiński, Biebrzański and Wigierski; rivers, among others:  Bug, Narew, Biebrza, Czarna Hańcza and lakes including the Suwałki Lake District.

Ride "The best of Green Velo" with us!

1. Day (arrival)

Pick-up from the airport in Warsaw (other airports optional), transfer to Chełm. If time allows, visit Chełm, e.g. the Chalk Underground in Chełm

2. Day

Route: Chełm - Kodeń approx. 108 km

On the way: Chełm Landscape Park, the "Bagno Serebryskie" Reserve, Sobibór Landscape Park, the former Sobibór Extermination Camp, Włodawa, the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul - a former Uniate church in Hanna, the Mill of Cultures in Sławatycze, the Monastery in Jabłeczna, the Nature Reserve "Sugry", Marian Sanctuary in Kodeń

3. Day

Route: Kodeń - Moszczona Królewska (Siemiatycze) approx. 110 km

On the way: Kostomłoty - Neo-Unite sanctuary, Terespol Prochownia, Krzyczew - church of Saint George, the Sanctuary of the Blessed Podlasie Units in Pratulin, the Podlaski Bug River Gorge Landscape Park, Mielnik (open-pit chalk mine), Siemiatycze (missionary monastery complex)

4. Day

Route: Moszczona Królewska (Siemiatycze) - Białowieża approx. 104 km

On the way: Czeremcha, Kleszczele, Hajnówka, Białowieża and Białowieża National Park

5. Day

Route: Białowieża - Białystok approx. 115 km

On the way: Białowieża Forest, Lake Siemianowskie, Michałowo, Knyszyńska Forest, Supraśl health resort, Białystok

6. Day

Route: Białystok - Wroceń, approx. 110 km

On the way: Choroszcz, Narew National Park (Kurowo), Tykocin, Biebrza National Park, Goniądz

7. Day

Route: Wroceń - Augustów - Wigry National Park, approx. 127 km

On the way: Augustowska Forest, Augustów, Augustów Canal, Wigry National Park, Lake Wigry

8. Day (departure)

Relaxation at Lake Wigry (depending on departure time) and transfer to the airport.

Included in the price:

  • transportation along the tour route (pickup from the airport, transfer to Chełm and on the last day transfer to the airport)
  • assistance of a transfer car along the entire route of the trip, transport of luggage and in the event of a bicycle breakdown, unwell condition or very unfavorable weather, the possibility of transfer
  • accommodation in three-star hotels, guesthouses, holiday homes, etc., accommodation in double rooms with breakfast
  • guide assistance in Polish, English, Spanish, German or Russian
  • equipment costs (traditional or electric bicycle) and assistance in the event of breakdown
  • local tolls, highway tolls, parking lots, reservation costs, taxes, etc.

The price does not include:

  • entry tickets to facilities along the route
  • meals (except breakfast)
  • insurance

Approximate prices (per person):

  • for 2 people in a group: 11,499 PLN
  • for 4 people in a group: 7,299 PLN
  • for 6 people in a group: 5,999 PLN
  • for 8 and more people: 5,499 PLN