Kayaks on Mała Panew

Rafting on the Mała Panew River on the border of Silesia and Opole at your fingertips! We have only an hour's drive to the starting point of the trip and we are moving into the world of wild nature.

Due to its varied course, picturesquely shaped banks and the richness of fauna and flora, the river is called the "Opole Amazon". The richness of nature, including the natural values of natural habitats, made the area of the Mała Panew Valley one of the valuable areas protected by "Natura 2000".


  • Mała Panew is the most interesting water tourist trail in Upper Silesia
  • possible organization of rafting in the morning or afternoon
  • rafting on the Mała Panew river on the Krupski Młyn - Kiełcza route
  • the trip distance is approx. 9 km, the estimated trip time is approx. 3 hours.
  • easy, recreational rafting, no portages
  • we flow through the "Natura 2000" area
  • after the trip, it is possible to organize a bonfire, etc.
  • possible organization of kayaking on another section of the Mała Panew river or on another river, multi-day kayaking
  • available languages of the tour: Polish, English, Spanish, German, Russian

In price:

  • bus ride on the tour route
  • organization
  • singing birds :)

Price: 79 PLN (for 7 people in the group)

The price does not include:

  • the cost of renting a kayak (we have preferential prices)
  • costs of organizing a bonfire, etc. (optional)

Reservations by e-mail or by phone!