Guido Coal Mine, mining Silesia

In the begging of 20th century in the Silesian panorama were visible mining shafts of 63 mines. Therefore to get to know the culture of Silesia culture and that, what influences the nature of local people, you have to go deep under the ground. How is it to work in coalmine? What are the conditions are underground? How the coalmining has been organized over the years? You will get answers to these and other questions during the exceptional underground adventure in the “Guido Coal Mine”.

Underground to the level of 320 meters you will get by an authentic elevator (in Silesia called “szola”). The guide will tell about the history of mining and the dangers awaiting miners underground, and the multimedia effects will make you feel them "on your own skin". You will see the coal mine combines and other equipment in action. The big attraction is also the ride in suspended electric rail, it is the only rail of this type in the world to be available for the tourists. In addition, you can visit the deepest pub, and after returning to the surface, a shop with Silesian and mining souvenirs.

  • tour duration approximately 3 hours (sightseeing ca. 2.5 hours)
  • sightseeing on the most popular route “Underground miners walk”
  • sightseeing available in English, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Spanish
  • length of the route ca. 3 km., temperature under the ground 13-16 degrees Celsius
  • recommended appropriate outfit and shoes with flat soles
  • considering pressure differences we do not recommend the sightseeing to the people with severe illnesses, pregnant women should contact their doctors
  • age limit: 6 
  • taking pictures and filming is allowed 
  • after visiting the Mine, you can visit "the museum of communism in Poland" in Ruda Śląska

In price:

  • transfer on the route of the tour (the price is given for the transfer from Katowice)
  • organization and service of our representative in Polish, English, Spanish, German or Russian

Price: 79 PLN (for 7 people in the group)

The price does not include:

  • ticket to the Guido Mine (we have preferential prices)
  • transfer and ticket to "the museum of communism" in Ruda Śląska (optional)

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