Nikiszowiec and Silesian daily life

Family, God and work create axiological triad around which life runs in Silesia for decades. We will look for those values in the district Nikiszowiec.

In 1908-1918 there was built a housing estate for the workers of “Giesche Mine”. The entire complex designed by Emil and Georg Zillmann was made of red bricks. It consists of 9 quarters, in which were located 1000 flats. Entertainment was also provided by the big park and the tavern. In the complex there were also baths for the workers of the mine and to make the life of the housekeepers easier, a washhouse and a dryer. Nowadays in the former building of the washhouse and box mangle is situated “The Department of Ethnology of the Museum of the History of Katowice” In the museum we will see the exposition, that thanks to the furniture, equipment, items of every day use or devotional articles gives you full view on the typical accommodation in “familok” of the thirties-sixties in the 20th century in Upper Silesia. While walking around Nikiszowiec, we will also admire the “St. Anna’s Church”. There will be free time after sightseeing and then we will return to your hotel.

  • Duration of the excursion is circa 4 hours (transfer Katowice-Nikiszowiec-Katowice ca. 0,5 hr.; sightseeing of Nikiszowiec ca. 1 hr.; sightseeing of the museum ca. 1 hr.; free time ca. 1 hr.)
  •  Sightseeing with the guide, available languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish
  • Museum is open daily except on Mondays
  • Taking pictures and filming is allowed

Included in price:

  • Transfer (Katowice-Nikiszowiec-Katowice) from your hotel in Katowice and back (please contact us if you stay in a hotel outside Katowice)
  • Tour guide in English, German, Polish, Russian; extra paid: French, Italian, Spanish
  • Ticket to the museum (“The Department of Ethnology of the Museum of the History of Katowice”)
  • Local fees, parking, reservation costs, taxes etc.
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Guide language included: Polish, English, German, Russian, for an additional fee of 99 euro: French, Spanish, Italian
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