We specialize in sports and recreational events. We have extensive experience in organizing triathlon competitions and integration events for companies. Our offer is addressed to companies that are looking for original solutions and want to promote physical activity among their employees. Our most popular event is called "Fit & Fun Games". It is a combination of obstacle running and physical exercise. The difficulty of the tasks varies, so it is fun for everyone. For children and adolescents, we set a track appropriate to their age.

We also work with other event organizers, for example providing a multilingual announcer.

Fit Fun

"Fit & Fun Games" means active outdoor fun for everyone. Our interesting and varied obstacle course can be set up in any place, wherever your workplace is or an integration trip. The track can be run individually or in groups. Along the way, a number of tasks in which we will check endurance, efficiency, accuracy, but above all, whether you can have fun. The offer is also directed to primary and secondary schools, each time the difficulty of the track and obstacles are adjusted to the age of the participants. The competition is a great entertainment for those who compete and for those who are waiting for their turn while cheering. The event is a great way to integrate a group of employees, and for children or teenagers it can be the main point of the program, for example, on a sports day at school.

You are often faced with the choice of the announcer for your integration event, recreational event or, for example, for a sports competition. You are looking for a person with a good voice, who quickly contacts the audience, is positive, comments on current events in a tactful and interesting way. Ideally, the moderator should be able to amuse the audience and use several foreign languages.

We will be happy to contribute to your event!

Announcer in Polish, English, Spanish, German and Russian!